Is MAP Toolkit End of Life?

There is no real end of life date for the MAP Toolkit but they will stop developing it. No worries: the tech support will stay for the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Map. However: there will be no security or vulnerability updates. Microsoft is also looking for possibilities for users who do need important MAP functionality, such as software use tracking.

Why is MAP Toolkit End of Life?

“We came to a point; the MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning Map) has to die. But then we saw the numbers.” Shamik Das Chowdhury said. That’s why Microsoft putted MAP Toolkit in ‘maintenance mode’. So there will be no further development but there will still be technical support. It is important to note that the MAP toolkit is very tailor – made for sporadic usage – you need to search elsewhere for constant exploration and inventory.

When will MAP Toolkit Reach End of Life?

Microsoft hasn’t communicated a date but they announced at Inspire 2019 (July 2019) that the MAP Toolkit will be put in ‘maintenance mode’. So it would be a good idea to look for alternatives that offer the same as the MAP Tool. If you have more questions, we made an FAQ to answer them.

What are the alternatives for MAP Toolkit?

Microsoft recommends getting the Azure Migrate tool for any Azure assessments. But, what if you need to scan more than that (VMware, Hyper-V, …)? Well, there are a few network inventory tools around but we would recommend Lansweeper. This will build an accurate and complete inventory that will deliver you insights and value across a number of problems such as cybersecurity, Active Directory audits, network management and much more.

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Why Lansweeper?

Lansweeper offers a more complete solution than Microsoft maptool. With an IT asset management system, you can digitalize all your hardware and software assets in a centralized overview. Furthermore, a SAM (Software Asset Management) will help you with software licensing of all your assets so you always have up to date licenses without having to manually check them. It’s also a very useful tool to stay in control of your cybersecurity because you will know what devices need updates and what new devices connect to your network. Lansweeper can scan everything, go ahead and discover what they can do for you.